DSP5020G: Wind-Up Solar Powered Portable AM/FM Radio with built-in LED Torch

With USB Charging Cable, LCD Display, Alarm Clock, Headphone Socket

Wind Up Solar Powered Rechargeable AM/FM Radio and LED Torch

With this lightweight and portable radio, you will never need batteries to power, saving your money.

You can charge the portable radio via 3 different ways:

Wind Up - Simply wind the cranking handle fixed at the back of the radio.

Solar power - Built-in solar panels on the top of the radio for charging in direct sunlight.

USB Charging - With the cable provided you can charge the radio using a laptop, netbook or desktop computer.

This portable radio also has a built-in LED Torch which provides a handy solution for use when travelling, walking in dark nights, or a power failure at home.

If you prefer to l isten to the radio quietly on your own, there is also a built-in headphone jack for connecting your headphones.

product features:

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